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Scintillating Silver

Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Bracelet
Price with discount $82.00

This bracelet is one of the most elegant bracelets I have designed.  It is delicate yet commanding, with graduated sterling silver beads accented against an amazing bracelet of Argentium silver (this type of silver has the same silver content as sterling silver, but it has a different alloy which causes it not to tarnish like sterling).  This bracelet goes with everything.  It can be worn with your most glitzy outfits, but works perfectly with jeans.  It's also one of the few bracelets I have seen that men actually notice and comment on.  You know you have a great piece when that happens!  I was inspired to design this piece while sitting in the pit of "Les Miserables."  I wondered what the rich but not ostentatious French noblewomen would wear, and this is what I decided fit.  While I mad this one in Silver, I can also make it in all 14k gold-filled, or a combination 14k gold-filled and silver - contact me for a price quote.