Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


very once in a while, you just need something to spark up that special outfit but a necklace  just doesn't work with your neckline.  Pins (also known as brooches) provide the perfect solution!  Wear one on a lapel, on your top anywhere, to keep a scarf together, on a purse - as long as you can put a pin through something, you can use one of these great pieces to get that polished, sophisticated look.

Most of my pins are made from dichroic fused glass.  You can pick from these pins or have one made in your color choices and sizes.  

I love pins.  They are the most versatile of all jewelry pieces.  And they add an air of richness to your outfits - don't you just love when you see that sparkling surprise on someone's suit or dress?  I know I do!