Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


nancygoodalldesigns heartofmyheartHeart of my Heart make more pendants than any other jewelry piece that I make.  You will find a variety of sizes, styles, designs and techniques in these pendants.  Occasionally you will find silversmithed pendants, but more often I make wire-wrapped pendants.  There is a reason for that - silversmithed pendants are everywhere and are fairly easy to duplicate, but wire-wrapped pendants are all unique.  One-of-a-kind pieces are what I make - I do not do what jewelers call "production work.". That is why my pieces may cost slightly more than something similar.  I could make more money doing production work, but that does not satisfy me (or my best customers) artistically, and that's why I really do this.

nancygoodalldesigns ripplesonastreamRipples on a StreamEven when I try to make one piece exactly like another, it is not a perfect art.  That allows for the complete and total originality of every piece.  This is also one reason why I do not make a lot of wire-wrapped earring sets - it takes such a long time to duplicate the other earring that I have to sell them for more than many are willing to pay.  But when I have them, they go fast!


endants differ from my necklace category in that the pendants require an additional piece such as a chain, omega, ribbon, leather, etc. to wearing around your neck, but that is a good thing.  

nancygoodalldesigns chinesenewyearChinese New YearWhy is this an advantage?  Because it permits total flexibility.  You can change the color metal or ribbon, can change the length or you can change the style.  While I prefer what is known as an 18" snake chain or an omega for my pendants, a friend who purchases many of my pieces always wears hers with a 24" chain, as she likes this look with her dresses.  Since I never wear a dress, mine are geared more toward open neck or mock turtlenecks, so I like a shorter look that is a little chunky.  Yet another friend always uses a very fine chain for her pendants. See what I mean?  We could all wear the same pendant with three different looks because of the necklace piece we pair with it!  Totally flexible!