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 don't make many necklaces, so the ones I do make are always made for a special reason.  My beaded crochet necklaces are a joint venture between my husband Bob and me.  He does the actual bead crochet and I make the focal piece to complement his amazing work.  

nancygoodalldesigns swirlingdervishSwirling Dervishnancygoodalldesigns fiestaFiestaSometimes I will make necklaces from amazing focal pieces I might have bought from a third party source (for instance, one piece includes a preserved orange flower that I couldn't resist, and my husband did the bead crochet).  But more often I will incorporate my own focal pieces and finish them off with either lampworked beads (often lampworked by me) or stone beads.  

The difference between a necklace and a pendant is that a necklace can be worn without any other pieces.  The necklace portion and the pendant portion are all one piece.  A pendant requires another piece to be worn - usually a chain, an omega, a wire, a ribbon, leather, or something else to allow it to be worn on the neck.  I make many of my necklaces with removable pendants/focal pieces so that you can wear the necklace portion by itself and wear the pendant portion with a chain or other type of neck piece for the ultimate in versatility.