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y jewelry includes a large of variety of jewelry types, shapes and sizes.  My necklace category includes necklaces that are self contained and can be worn without any additional pieces.  Some necklaces are beaded, some are made using a special bead crochet technique and some are wire-wrapped or silversmithed.  

Bead crochet necklaces are very difficult to make.  While some think bead crochet looks like kumihimo, there are many differences.  With a bead crochet necklace, each bead is individually crocheted into a beaded rope.  Each piece takes a minimum of 10 hours, and planning is key.  

My husband Bob Goodall does all the bead crochet - I don't have the patience for it!  It's funny how he started.  We went to a lapidary school in Georgia, and I talked him into taking a class.  We both read the class description very differently - we had seen some cool crocheted bracelets at a show we recently did and thought this is what he was nancygoodalldesigns chinesenewyearChinese New Yearsigning up for.  But it turned out he was the only man in his class and, even worse, the only man the teacher ever had In the 20 plus years she had been teaching!  He came back to the room that night and couldn't believe he was going to be doing this delicate bead work.  I told him to just switch classes to something more suited to him, but he liked the teacher and the ladies in the class so decided to stick it out, and ended up loving it!  And man, is he good at it!  

My pendants are sold individually and require an additional chain, omega or other necklace type to wear the pendant.  Many of the pendants are wire wrapped, often using dichroic fused glass or Druzy quartz.  I also make pendants out of beautiful lapidary stones or beads.

nancygoodalldesigns ariverruns throughitearringsA River Runs Through ItMy earrings come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are hanging earrings and others are earring studs.  Many are lampworked, and others use wonderful stones or beads.  Since I sell at several hot air balloon rallies, you will find a great selection of hot air balloon earrings all the time.

I have rings in many shapes, sizes and use a variety of techniques.  You will find wire-wrapped rings, lampworked rings and silversmithed rings.  Since my lampworked chunky rings sell so quickly I rarely have them individually photographed, so if you saw some at an art fair, please let me know your size and the colors in which you are interested, and I will send you pictures of what I have on hand at that time.

You will also find a variety of bracelets and bracelet types.  I tend to gravitate to wire-wrapped sterling silver bracelets, but also love lampworked bracelets where I feature a lovely focal bead that has been painstakingly lampworked and then embellished with lovely stone beads.

Some of my favorite glass pieces are those I make into pins.  They are lovely shapes, colors and styles.



ou will notice some of my jewelry is made using certain themes.  I already mentioned my hot air balloon theme, but I also do religious jewelry, jewelry and other items based on Dave Ramsey sayings for those of you who want that perfect gift for someone reaching their financial goals.  You will find holiday jewelry, particularly Christmas and Hanukkah pieces as well.

CathyNortonCathy NortonOne theme of which I am particularly proud is a group I call "The Cathy Collection."  My sister Cathy Norton passed away at age 52 from pancreatic cancer on July 2, 2009.  This is a very aggressive cancer, and many do not live more than 6 months or so after diagnosis.  Cathy was one of those. We spent a great deal of time together during those last months and, to pass the time, I made jewelry while waiting in hospitals, doctors's offices, or just hanging out.  Cathy talked about pieces she would like me to consider making and stones she wanted me to wire wrap.  She designed two dichroic glass patterns.  I took lots of notes, and have been able to create pieces in her memory based on her ideas.  These pieces are quite dear to me, and all the proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to cancer research.  

You will also note I have a book on estate planning for sale on this website.  Cathy knew I was writing this book and also knew I put it on the back burner for awhile.  She asked me to finish it while she could still read it so, thanks to Cathy, I finished this just before she passed away so that she could see the book was done and, more importantly, dedicated to her.

I am one of the few jewelry designers that specializes in pieces for men.  Men are very underserved when it comes to jewelry design and I love the look of surprise at the art fairs I do when they see a whole section of my display just for men.  You will find cuff links, tie chains, tie bars, tie tacks, knives, card holders, etc.  And, of course, there is plenty of jewelry for women!

I started my journey in glass with jewelry and, although I have expanded into other areas and mediums, I still love bringing a special touch to each piece of jewelry I make.  Every piece is an original - once it is sold, that design is retired.  No two pieces of jewelry are identical and you will never find yourself at a party with 3 other people wearing the same thing!  I make these pieces to help you celebrate your individuality. Enjoy!