Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


reativity is difficult to categorize, so I included this category for some of the crazy things I do that are so very one-of-a-kind that they don't even fit into a category. For instance, in what category do you put a Zippo lighter I decided to decorate?  It was very cool, but hard to know what to do with it, so in this category it found a home.

Some items, like decorated business card holders or decorated upcycled flattened out wine bottles, are a little more conventional but still do not really fit elsewhere.

This is the category for those of you who appreciate what I lovingly refer to as my ADD of creativity!  If something has a flat surface anywhere or if there is any way possible to adhere my work to it, you may find it showing up in this funky and fun category. Take "Ed," for example - i took a cast iron turtle, added dichroic fused glass and, Voila!  Ed is now a lovely piece of art and has become my mascot at art shows. Ok, this is actually Ed #5 or 6 since we enjoy having the old guy around, but you will see what i mean about funky. Enjoy!