Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


love decorative plates.  I love small ones, big ones, long ones, round ones - all types of plates make me happy. My house features an entire bookcase decorated with plates, some mine and some others I admire.

All of my plates are fully functional. You can use them as plates or serving bowls, wash them and use them in the traditional way. The practical side of me says if I spent $300 for a plate (or even $50), would I feel comfortable using it as a chip bowl and throwing it into the dishwasher?  Probably not although, if truth be told, I do use the decorative plate that generally adorns my coffee table, as a big old chip bowl when I am throwing a large party. Ok, I clean it out first!  But I hand wash it when done. So, while functional, you may not really want to use them as your everyday china. But you could.

Most of my decorative plates are really more bowl sized and larger, because I seem to like big everything. So I have to force myself from time to time to make smaller plates to keep things affordable. Most of those seem to sell as soon as I can make them!  That should tell me something...