Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


y latest passion is painting with glass, also known as frit painting. It is not how you typically think of painting. I don't sit there with brushes and an easel (usually, although more about that later) .  Instead I use what is known as glass frit (glass ground up into smaller piece, which can be anything from a powder to coarse larger pieces of art glass).  I primarily use powders or finely ground pieces as my background, with coarser pieces to create accents or shapes. Often these pieces are created in multiple stages requiring several firings of 8 hours or more, so they can be very time consuming. But the end result is often stunning and worth it!

I also do some traditional painting with either glass or enamels. In this case I add a liquid thick medium, mix the frit and medium together and actually paint with it on to another piece of glass like you would with traditional paint.  You can mix it, use it for shading - basically, you can do anything with it that you can do with traditional paint.  Te biggest difference is that, with frit, you have to fuse it on to the other glass in the kiln or other high heat source.  Unlike traditional painting, once it is fused, it will not come off, chip, smudge, etc.  It is on there permanently.  Also unlike traditional paints, once fired, the end result is usually glossy unless otherwise treated.

Sometimes I use neither frit nor enamels and do my glasswork all with pieces I cut and shape for the piece. Sometimes this is even harder, since you can't change the shape of a piece of glass without further cutting or grinding, whereas with frit, you can use your tools to push them into the shape you want.

A times I will do a mosaic piece, although this is the technique I seem to use the least.  I think this is the case because I love working with hot glass, and a mosaic piece is not a hot,glass technique. However, Christine Stewart from Australia turned me on to a technique called "hot mosaics'" which involves a combination of mosaics, fused glass and found objects like buttons, lapidary stones, etc. I have made a few pieces using these techniques.

All these techniques have their own issues and rewards, and I love doing them all. I have recently taken both acrylic painting classes to help with composition and shading, and cake decorating classes to help with shaping 3D flowers which, with the advent of glass paste, I should be able to make flowers from glass using these techniques. S when I get good enough making cake flowers, you will see some of my glass experiments with flowers soon.