Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


My necklace category contains necklaces "ready to go." That means that the necklace or chain as well as the pendant or focal piece are all part of one piece. Many of these are stunning bead crochet pieces with a lovely wire-wrapped pendant or lampworked bead hanging fetchingly from the bead work. As with all of my pieces, these are one of a kind necklaces and pendants, sure to engender comments every time you wear them!


My pendant category contains pieces that require a separate chain, omega, ribbon, or other neckpiece upon which to wear these stunning pieces. You can also go to my Supplies section and buy a chain with which to wear your pendant. So many of these look perfect with either omegas or snake chains, and I make the holes large enough to accommodate up to a 6 mm neckpiece. Since so many of us already have lovely and expensive chains for our other necklaces, most people want to use their existing chains and omegas, which is why I present and price the pieces this way. But should you need a separate neckpiece, I have offering from $4 up!


You will find the most unique earrings from which to choose right here! Some are wirewrapped, and many are dichroic glass. I try to make a combination of flirty and elegant so that the are many available to fit your bill. Almost all of my styles can be converted to non-pierced, so please let me know if your need a clip on style.



These designer rings are fun and fearless! Each is a one of a kind work of art and is sure to make you smile! What you will not see here are my glass rings, because they sell too fast and it is impossible to keep this category current. So if you saw them at one of my shows, just let me know what size you wear and what color(s) you have an interest, and I will send you some pictures of what I have in your size currently.



Bracelets are one of my favorite types of jewelry to make, because I get to show off and use many of the beads I have made myself! But you will also find elegant wire-wrapped bracelets and some that I have created to show off some of my Druzy quartz. My bracelets always go fast when I do shows!


Pins have made a huge comeback in the world of high fashion, and I love making a spectacular pin to show off a favorite outfit!


Music Themed

I am first and foremost a musician, so this category will highlight music-related items. You will never see a treble clef going the wrong way or other mistakes jewelers who don't really know music make. You musicians out there know what I mean! I even have bass clef and alto clef items on request - so fun to do! These are the items for the musician In your life. And, if that musician just happens to be you, all the better!


Dance Themed

I have designed some lovely pieces for the dancer in your life. You will find jewelry, an occasional box, and other dance-related items in this category. Since I music-direct theatre shows, I work very closely with the dancers in the shows, so I tend to know what types of items to which they gravitate. And my dance items are completely unique - I am very sensitive to showcasing not just my work, but the dancer wearing my work. My pieces are as elegant as the dancer wearing or owning it, and that is by design.


Theatre Themed

Whether you spell it theatre or theater, this is my favorite category. Not only will you find some of the traditional theatre masks, but you will also find my original design specifically for those of you, like me, who live in music theatre land! Note the theatre masks are singing and are on a music staff. Clever design, yes? Thanks to Michael Hagen for that crazy, unique design that I translated to glass!


Hot Air Balloons

When I was first married, my mother bought me an amazing glass blown hot air ballon incorporating driftwood and wire - it was stunning. Ever since then I have loved the grace and elegance of hot air balloons, and have come up with some wonderful glass designs that have been a huge hit at hot air balloon rallies and with hot air balloon enthusiasts who have found me on line. These are a must have for those of you who love hot air balloons as much as I do!


This category includes boxes that are both made entirely of glass, or those which have glass inserts. They are lovely and useful at the same time!


Decorative Plates

Yes, technically you could eat off of these amazing art plates, but you probably would be better served by putting these on a lovely stand and letting your friends admire them! Need a stand? Check out our Supplies section for our large selection of plate holders. These are also mountable on walls. Not sure what size holder you need? Let me know and I will make suggestions.


Wall Hangings

My wall hangings are beautiful additions to anyone's decor! The difference between wall hangings and decorative plates is that my plates are rounded off like a plate, where my wall hangings are designed to go flat against your wall. Either way, they are a stunning way to create focal points in your room, and my pieces are often bought by interior designers and several rooms have been designed around a single piece! You can also let me know your decor colors and style, and I can design a piece just for you!



This category includes so many unique choices - you should look through it just to see the many things I make with glass, metal and/or wire! You will be amazed! One day you will find things like wine bottle stoppers, bookends and headbands, and the next you might find wine bottle charms (to help keep your wine glasses straight!), a wind chime or a garden stake. I am always on the hunt for anything with a flat surface, so nothing is sacred! In fact, one of my best sellers was a Zippo lighter with glass decorations, but since I am an avid non-smoker (I have to advocate this way since I work with singers) and I stopped making them because I felt more than a little hypocritical, but they were pretty cool! This is my wild card area and probably the most creative area - make sure to take a look!



You will find the books I have written as well as other glass, design, general jewelry and wire wrapping books that I have found helpful over the years.



Many art lovers have their walls covered with wonderful art. I now create large and table-top sculptures to accent home and garden alike. Many are accented with wood or metals and all have a glass feature as well.


ancy Goodall is an award-winning jewelry and glass artist whose pieces are always functional yet designed with creativity, elegance and excitement.  Each pendant, bracelet, plate and creation has a story behind it, conceived from an idea, concept, experience or point of view.  Before the inception of a piece of jewelry, whether it is a ring, pin, or necklace, Nancy studies the focal point of the piece (a faceted gem, an amazing cabochon, a unique stone) until the design comes into focus – it is as though the focal point itself creates the design.  One customer refers to Nancy as “The Jewelry Whisperer.”

Nancy Goodall Designs incorporates wire wrapping, fused glass, silversmithing, beadwork and lampwork into unique and visually stunning jewelry and architectural designs.  

Nancy also creates wall hangings, decorative plates, door and cabinet knobs, lights and sconces, and has druzy quartz and other stones for individual sale at great prices!  Pick out your stone and either buy it for your own use or tell her what you want made and she will create a custom design just for you.

Nancy gives classes in wire wrapping, fused glass and basic jewelry making.  Her “Wine Wednesdays” are hugely popular – you gather the gang and she does the rest!  She is also a frequent lecturer on these topics – invite her to talk to your group!

Looking for a unique birthday party?  Nancy will supply everything and the kids will come home with so much more than the usual trinkets.

You can find Nancy Goodall Design creations in galleries and shops throughout the Midwest, as well as Las Vegas and New York.  You can also see their work at art fairs throughout the United States.