Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations

Many of you who are reading this know me through my work as an attorney and trust officer; some from my speaking engagements on trusts, wills, estates, probate and taxes; but probably most of you know how involved I am music directing shows at various local theatres.  All of those things take up a lot of time out of my day.  I do my trust, estate planning and investment work mostly during the day, although there are often weekends and evenings involved with that.

I do my theatre work mostly at night, although weekends come into play with that as well.  My jewelry work is the perfect tie-in with all of this.  When I come home from rehearsals or shows, I am revved up and raring to go, but the rest of my family is in bed or close.  So I do my design work late at night to wind down before I go to bed.  I also work it in while we are staging a show – I always bring my wire-wrapping work (the most portable of the things I do) to staging and dance rehearsals and, while there is nothing musical going on, I pull it out and work on it little by little.  I usually finish two or three pieces, sometimes more, in the course of a show rehearsal.  When my sister was sick and I would sit for hours in the hospital, it was a great thing to do – I was there when she needed me, and I still had something to keep my hands and mind busy.  So whenever I have time on my hands, my hands keep going!  The only place this doesn’t work is on the airplane.  They don’t like my having cutting devices (flush cut pliers, knives and scissors) on the plane with me, so unfortunately that is time wasted when it comes to design work.

Do I sleep much?  No, I don’t really need much sleep, although I am trying to get more these days because I was told it is easier to lose weight with more sleep.  Heck, I will do anything toward that end!  Do I watch much TV?  Not particularly, although I do like some reality shows (even some of the stupid ones – it shows me my life isn’t nearly as crazy as some of those people!).  But the DVR is my friend – love it!  Even then, I am doing some wrapping or a firing as I watch.  I find I am very similar in energy to my mother.  She could never sit down and just watch TV, which used to drive me crazy as a child.  She was always cleaning or cooking when she was home.  Now I find I am like that as well, only I make jewelry, or score study for my next show, or try to do something positive.  So that’s how I find time for my design work!

In my Design Blog I will talk about what I am working on, new techniques I have learned, classes I am teaching or attending, and anything else you or I might find interesting.  If there is anything you would like me to tackle in these or if you have any questions, either submit them here or privately e-mail me and I will address them as soon as possible.