Nancy Goodall Designs Uniquely Inspired Creations


hat little girl (boys have fun, too!) doesn’t love making her own jewelry?  We provide the materials and instruction, as well as pizza and pop.  And, best of all worlds, we clean up afterwards!  [We can also provide a birthday cake with advance notice.]

    $16 per child without cake
    $18 per child with cake
    $19 per child with cake and ice cream

Ages 4-11 – Children will make a beaded bracelet.
Ages 12 up – Planner has choice of beaded bracelet or dichroic glass pendant.  The latter requires a week for firing, with the pieces to be returned to the planner.

Limit: 6 children.  For ages 4-9, one adult needed per 2 children.  10 and up – one adult per 3 children.